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WhoisGuard Protection Pricing

WhoisGuard ID Protection is a web service subscription that prevents people from gaining access to your vital address, phone number and email using WhoIs command to your domain names.

WhoisGuard Protection Price Comparison

WhoisGuard Packages Price per Year Domains Covered
   WhoisGuard Bronze $ 3 / year Single Domain Names
   WhoisGuard Silver $ 5 / year (saves $1 USD) Two Domain Names
   WhoisGuard Gold $ 8 / year (saves $7 USD) Five Domain Names


How does WhoisGuard works?
WhoisGuard ID protection helps prevent people from gaining access to your address, phone number and email address using Whois query commands against your domain name.

If you have WhoisGuard ID enabled to your domain, any Whois query for your domain would not reveal private and confidential contact details and ownership of your domain, thus identity theft and spam protection can be minimized and secured.

NOTE: Remember to turn off WhoisGuard before transferring your domain to another registrar as they will need your real information at the time of the transfer.

Due to registry restrictions, WhoisGuard subscriptions can not be used with bz, ca, cn,, de, eu, in,, mobi, nu,, us and ws domains.

Free WhoisGuard is available with our domain registrations and transfers on limited time offer only.

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