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CPanel Control Panel

  CPanel is one of the most popular control panels in the world today, that is why we use it. CPanel is used for the maintenance of the website and the web server. The CPanel has a very good graphical user interface (GUI) which makes it very easy to use for all its users.

CPanel has a feature that gives you all the important statistics about your web server. For example, the bandwidth and disk space usage, web traffic details, domain and sub-domain details, the places from where your web traffic comes to your website and to which web pages, how long the web traffic stays on which web page, and much more.

CPanel also offers some of the most important add-ons and great web tools like Fantastico Deluxe, which allows you to install some very important web scripts with the help of just a few mouse clicks. Also, installing these web scripts is very easy even for the novices, and you do not need to have extensive knowledge about the process of installation these advanced web scripts and applications. Like the content management system, Joomla and drupal that can be directly installed using this control panel.

As stated earlier CPanel has graphical user interface. It helps the difficult tasks to become much easier. For example, deleting a whole table from your database, setting passwords to some parts of your website, changing the content of your website, and much more can be done quite easily. CPanel even allows you to change the interface of the control panel according to your needs.

However, CPanel provides much more sophisticated features when compared to the other control panels. For example, cron jobs, MIME types, Apache handlers, add or remove email accounts, Auto-responders, and much more.

The CPanel also provides PHPMyAdmin for database management, can install Front Page extensions, redirect mail and URL, create FTP accounts, etc. All these exciting applications and tools are included with the CPanel for the benefit of the users.

If you are still not sure about CPanel, try it yourself with our demo link below:

CPanel Control Panel Online Demo

Demo URL:
Username: xdemo
Password: xdemo


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